Family and Parenting

Mother-In-Law Woes 

My mother in law and I don’t get along (shocker, huh?). We’re a biracial family, my husband is Salvadorian and his mom speaks predominantly Spanish. I speak only English and my husband is completely fluent in English but struggles with Spanish, oddly enough. 
This language barrier is difficult and because of it, his mother and I have never built a relationship. 

When our son was born we quickly realized that the chances of him learning a lot of Spanish were slim since we don’t speak it in our home. Understandably, it created even more problems. I’m simply not who she would have chosen for her son and that has been hard for me to accept. 

I had always had the dream of marrying into a family and gaining another set of parents. Baking with my mother in law around the holidays and drinking cocoa with pops while he tells me stories about my husband as a child. I had always been confident I would be able to forge that relationship with my in laws, but I never considered the possibility a language barrier could prevent that. 

I don’t know what the future holds for me and my mother in law. We work on our relationship for the sake of her son and having a son of my own gives me insight. 

Despite the lengthy intro on my relationship with my own MIL, this post is about the relationship I have with my daughter in law. 

My baby is 16 months old. He doesn’t have a wife, I know this, I’m really not crazy. I don’t know who she is, if she’s been born yet or if she’s even been thought of by her parents. But I’ve thought of her and I’ve already started working on our relationship. 

I pray for her. 

I pray she’s happy, healthy and is as successful as she wants to be. I pray for her like she is already my own. 

I pray she is a forgiving woman, as I’m sure I will need her forgiveness some day. 

I pray that I forgive her for stealing my sons heart.
I pray that my heart accepts her completely when the time comes and that she’s the woman God chose for my family. 

I pray she wants a relationship with me as much as I want a relationship with her. 

I pray she loves my son like he deserves and I pray I raise a gentleman that will love her like she deserves. 

I know one day my baby will leave home and start a family of his own, that’s what God intended. 

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

Genesis 2:24

I pray when that day comes I think of my sons happiness more than my own. I pray my selfish tendency doesn’t show it’s ugly head. 

My little boy is my world and I know it will take me a lot of preparation to start accepting that one day another woman will take him away. 

So I better start preparing now. 


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