Dear Working Husband 

Dear working husband,
I’m sorry I act as though my job as a stay at home mom is comparable to yours. Although my hours are longer and I make no money doing it, I do realize my job has benefits that you envy. 

I know you would much rather build a block tower over and over so that our little guy can knock it down. 

But instead you work 10 hour days in all types of weather. 

I know you would rather snuggle on the couch watching the same movie for the 5th time. 

But instead you get up before the sun for the 12th day in a row to beat traffic to the city. 

When you kick your shoes off and sit down on the couch after work, I’m sorry I give you the, ‘seriously? I don’t get a break’ look. 

Yet you selflessly lift your exhausted body up and grab the baby to give me relief. 

I wish I could greet you at the door with my hair and makeup done flawlessly everyday. 

But thank you for understanding that I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep and the pot of coffee I downed this morning has already worn off. 

I’m sorry I don’t tell you these things as often as I should. Instead, I complain about the things I don’t get. Like sleep, getting to eat my food while it’s warm, a break, nap time, sleep….sleep. 

But I get to spend ALL day with our amazing son. All because you love me enough to work hard enough for the both of us. 

I’m sorry I’m envious of the drive you make to work and back. 

I view it as some dang lucky alone time but to you it’s less time you get to see your family. 

You’re so appreciated. 
Everything you do is so appreciated. 

It doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Thank you, my love,

Your sometimes very selfish wife


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